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St Vincent – St Vincent (2014)


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I’d like to thank you for indulging me over these past few weeks as I’ve rambled on about some of my favourite recent releases. It seems only fair that the album to take out my ‘Grand Vinyl’ selection should be the one that has spent far more time than any other in my car stereo since it’s release earlier this year, so with that I give you the fourth album from the wonderfully talented and refreshingly unique, Annie Clark, aka St Vincent.

Once upon a time in a land called the 1980’s, there was a gigantic laboratory that dominated the landscape called ‘pop music’.…

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Mosman Alder – Humdrum Star (2014)

Mosman Alder

Dear reader, allow me to begin by pointing out, if it hasn’t been sufficiently evident already, that this whole Vinyl Series™ business is not at all about album reviews in the usual sense (a fact worthy of some celebration).*

Rather, this is all about an opportunity to share with you some of my own favourite recent releases. Objectivity has no place here. Total Bias™ is the name of the game. So the fact that I served as producer on this very record should matter about as much as the possibility that I may be wearing Mosman Alder face paint as I type these very words (PHOTO UNAVAILABLE).…

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The Peep Tempel – Tales (2014)


The Peep Tempel are a three piece band from Melbourne and their second album ‘Tales’ is due out in a few weeks. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy early because a buddy of mine recorded it for them and I’ve been thrashing it in the car for the last few weeks despite the fact that it makes me feel yuck.

I’ll attempt to explain that last bit…

Reminiscent of an early Martin Amis novel (think ‘Money’ or ‘London Fields’) or one of the (two?) good Guy Ritchie films (think ‘Lock, Stock…’ or ‘Snatch’), this album is jam-packed with vile and repugnant characters who are either up to no good or are about to come to no good… and it’s impossible to look away.…

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In another life, today’s Vinylist Paul Dempsey could be playing in the ruck and resting up forward for his beloved Saint Kilda FC. He’s got the height, the love of the game, and let’s face it, his vertical leap is probably elite. Had he pursued that option however, we would be aurally poorer for the fact that his 20 year musical would have almost certainly have been derailed by the training, recovery sessions, media commitments, and of course, actual games. As it happens, Paul’s contribution to the Australian musical landscape as part of Something For Kate and as a solo artist have been magical, and become a huge part of many, many people’s lives – as SFK’s recent sold out 20 Year Anniversary tour and album reissues showed.

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Several weeks ago – okay, nearly two months ago – we held Presentation Night #3  featuring the outstanding talents of Cameron Ling and Paul Dempsey chatting about music, footy and life together with Francis Leach at The Corner Hotel in Richmond. Just as we’d hoped, it was a fantastic evening of reflection, conversation, music and generally good vibes both on and off the stage. One of our favourite writers Dugald Jellie reflected on the night on the wonderful Tiger Tiger blog not long after the show, and has very kindly allowed us to run his piece again here. This is great for two reasons: firstly, he’s a great writer with his own unique voice bringing a beautiful personal aspect to all of his writing; secondly, I’ve been halfway through writing about the night for nearly two months getting nowhere, and his piece is far better than anything I was ever going to come up with.

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We’re over the moon to announce that our next live show will bring together the exceptional talents of Mr Cameron Ling and Mr Paul Dempsey to the stage of  The Corner Hotel on Wednesday June 4th. To have the unofficial mayor of Geelong paired with Australia’s tallest front man is something of a dream come true for us, and we can’t wait.

Cameron Ling, as everyone knows, is a Geelong premiership captain and one of the greatest taggers to ever play the game. He’s also the finest redhead ever to play for the Cats – no mean feat given the quality of amber-haired athletes to have donned the hoops before him.…

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