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PNScreen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.44.30 PMWe’re absolutely delighted to announce today that our next live show is the stuff of footballing and musical dreams. Commentary colossus Dennis Cometti joins rock and roll’s cosmic boundary rider, Dave Graney at  The Corner Hotel in Richmond on Sunday the 16th of August for our next evening of footballing and musical conversation. The thought of this maverick combo on stage has always tickled our fancy, and we’re excited, delighted, and stoked that the fancy is finally being tickled. With two such unique and enormous talents together on stage it’s going to be a conversation for the ages.

As always, the night will be hosted by our very own Francis Leach, and we can’t wait.…

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The Clash – London Calling (1979)

London Calling

What’s it like to touch perfection?

To know that everything is in its right place, that no moment can match this one? To feel that all roads travel here to this place and time.

That for this moment, however fleeting, this is the only thing that matters .

Few rock bands have been there.

The Clash have.

“London Calling” was that moment.

4 sides of brilliant gonzo rock gumbo that broke out of punk’s straight jacket to become the greatest double album of all time.

In 1980 The Clash were more than a band, they were a creed, and it felt like they were writing the future between the grooves of every record.…

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Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (1988)


It made no sense at all.

An avalanche of jack hammer beats. An exploding cluster of chaos samples. A river of righteous rhymes that hit like a right hook from Tyson.

Few records tip the world of its axis. Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” kicked it to the kerb and told it to find it’s own way home.

Back in 1988 Hip-Hop was still a novelty sideshow. Music’s idea of slum chic. A little exotic, a pinch of danger and a splash of street fashion.…

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Our Vinylist today is a man who needs very little introduction – he’s Presentation Night royalty after all. That said, we’re going to give him one anyway because by jove he deserves it. We’re very happy to welcome the one and only Mr. Francis Leach to The Vinyl Series. If you’ve seen Francis hosting one of our live shows, read one of his articles, checked out his excellent blog, or caught him on the telly on Offsiders, you’ll know he’s a rare bird. A Saint for life, Francis is a true renaissance man with a deep love of music, sport, of human behavior, books, ideas…he’s our kind of guy.

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As you can see from the picture accompanying this post, our show last night at the Vic on the Park was an absolute screamer. Thankyou Sydney people for coming out with clear eyes and full hearts – we could never lose. There was a lot of love in the room, and that’s exactly how we like it. A successful Presentation Night all comes down to the people on stage opening up about their lives in and outside of football and music, and the people in the room – that’s us – wanting to come along for the ride. Jude Bolton and Urthboy treated everyone in the room to an absolute masterclass in humility, humour, intelligence and story telling.…

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Edelsten Swans

When I first moved to Sydney in the late ‘eighties, there was a telephone hotline you could call that informed you of the current levels of pollution in the water of city beaches on that particular day. Having moved from landlocked Canberra in search of a mythical lifestyle that included the living by the beach, seeing bands every night, and ‘making it’, this came as a bit of a shock. More often than not the advice from the disembodied recorded voice at the other end of the line advised that the level effluent and e-coli detected in the water at Bondi was too high for any sane person to enter without the risk of exiting at the end of their swim with red eyes, a raging sore throat and a body riddled with disease.…

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Several weeks ago – okay, nearly two months ago – we held Presentation Night #3  featuring the outstanding talents of Cameron Ling and Paul Dempsey chatting about music, footy and life together with Francis Leach at The Corner Hotel in Richmond. Just as we’d hoped, it was a fantastic evening of reflection, conversation, music and generally good vibes both on and off the stage. One of our favourite writers Dugald Jellie reflected on the night on the wonderful Tiger Tiger blog not long after the show, and has very kindly allowed us to run his piece again here. This is great for two reasons: firstly, he’s a great writer with his own unique voice bringing a beautiful personal aspect to all of his writing; secondly, I’ve been halfway through writing about the night for nearly two months getting nowhere, and his piece is far better than anything I was ever going to come up with.

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The Swanettes are flanking either side of the gate at the end of the race. The Benson & Hedges sign reflects the brilliant Sydney sunshine. In the distance we hear the sound of a helicopter – it’s cadence is distinctly pink – hovering above the ground. We lean over the fence, straining to see exactly who is running up the race for our very first foray into the harbour city…

And here they come! First out on to the field, one of the greatest players to ever pull on the red and white jumper, welcome Sydney Swans legend MR. JUDE BOLTON.…

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We’re over the moon to announce that our next live show will bring together the exceptional talents of Mr Cameron Ling and Mr Paul Dempsey to the stage of  The Corner Hotel on Wednesday June 4th. To have the unofficial mayor of Geelong paired with Australia’s tallest front man is something of a dream come true for us, and we can’t wait.

Cameron Ling, as everyone knows, is a Geelong premiership captain and one of the greatest taggers to ever play the game. He’s also the finest redhead ever to play for the Cats – no mean feat given the quality of amber-haired athletes to have donned the hoops before him.…

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FLPKRM3Online lists are big aren’t they? In the modern age where we have so many pressing things to do – such as reading lists online – we are not above getting involved in this kind of thing. Ahead of revealing the line-up for our next show this coming Friday, here are some sweet memories from our first Presentation Night show in July last year starring Paul Kelly, Bob Murphy and our very own Francis Leach.

1. Francis walks on stage to the strains of ‘This Charming Man’ to a rousing reception– the exact point at which it seemed like a show where people talk about music and footy was probably going to work out just like the fantasy sequence we’d been imagining in our heads.…

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