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The Final Vinyl.

So it’s come to this: the last weekend in September.

What record do you play for the biggest game of the year?

Do I go for the classics…The Beatles, The Stones or Dylan??

Well, I’ve stuck with a somewhat modern theme and have selected Arctic Monkeys’ latest album ‘AM’ as my finalist.

A modern classic rock album from the biggest rock band in the world at the moment.

The lads from Sheffield have really stepped up their game up with ‘AM’, particularly lyrically. I love the cheeky line from ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? 

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Bloc Party – Silent Alarm (2005)


When this album dropped, it came with a huge buzz, a bit like a No.1 draft pick.

The Bloc Party boys backed it up with some absolute bangers on this album. Receiving a Round 1 Rising Star nomination for ‘Like Eating Glass’, the first track on the album.

They then went on to receive Best On Ground in Round 2 (‘Helicopter’) and Round 4 (‘Banquet’), blowing everyone away with these explosive performances.

Being the stars they are, the Bloc Party boys showed us their versatility with tracks ‘This Modern Love’ & ‘The Pioneers’.…

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I shudder to think how many copyright laws are being broken in using the accompanying visual image for Daniel Merrett’s next entry in this series. Probably just one really big one actually. Still, given that The Simpsons is still a smallish cult show, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers merely a mid-level bar-slash-stadium band, we might just get away with it.

We move now into the do or die section of The Vinyl Series, and meet our guest scribe’s second week choices: their very own semi-vinyl contenders.

Dan kicked our Vinyl Series off beautifully last week choosing Jimmy Eat World’s self titled fourth album as his Qualifying Vinyl choice.

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We’re keen fans of Brisbane Lions’ big man Dan Merrett here at Presentation Night -and not just because he’s wearing a Bears jumper in this picture (although that is definitely a plus). Whilst he’s got the ability to play up forward and kick a bag of goals when the occasion demands it, he’s also the ultimate versatile swingman with the skills to pay the bills in defence when required, usually getting the unenviable task of quieting the biggest names in the business:  Buddy, Tomahawk, Travis Cloke and their ilk. As people a lot younger and a lot cooler than us say, “RESPECT, Dan Merrett”.

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As a North Melbourne-mad youngster growing up in Brandon Park, Matt Davis bought his sporting apparel directly from Leigh Matthews and wore Schimma’s name proudly on the back of his duffle coat. Matt is what you what might call a Renaissance Man. He played on the junior Satellite Tour as an aspiring young tennis pro. He formed one of our favourite Australian bands of all time, Gersey. He currently lives in Paris composing film scores and playing with his new band The Wonder. He also has a novel written. Yes, he’s quite the achiever, and a dear friend.  This is his story… 

In the late 1970s, when Leigh Matthews wasn’t breaking goal posts or opposition players’ jaws as a Hawthorn hardman, he ran a small sports store just down the road from our house he cleverly named Leigh Matthews’ Sporting Goods.…

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Tonight’s game between the Western Bulldogs and Brisbane Lions at Etihad Stadium is notable for the fact that it features two men with the best musical tastes* currently running around in the AFL: Bob Murphy & Daniel Merrett . Regardless of the result tonight, we’re looking at it as a small victory for players who don’t list Avicii or Robin Thicke as their current favourite artists. For all your alt-country needs you’d be heading straight to Bob, for an update on the best current releases and next big things, Dan Merrett is your man. Like Natalie Imbruglia, we’ll be a little torn watching tonight (we’ll also be standing an all-white room leaning forlornly against walls as sheer curtains flap about in the background) and wishing both of them all the very best.…

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