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The Croz

What vinyl platter is floating our pre-season boat this weekend?

Who: David Crosby AKA The Croz
What:If I Could Only Remember My Name‘ LP
When: 1971
Why: We sometimes like to imagine David Crosby running off the 1970’s Carlton backline alongside Bruce Doull for no other reason than his facial hair and thinning, flowing locks make them seem like a compatible pair. Whether or not The Croz could actually run more than three metres without keeling over is entirely beside the point. With the start of season 2014 less than one week away, this is our last chance to breathe deeply for quite some time, so who better to provide the soundtrack to our last footy-free weekend for the next six months than The Croz?…

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Just off Brunswick Street in Fitzroy sits Handsome Steve’s House of Refreshment. Once you get to know Handsome Steve Miller himself (the length of time it takes to sip a pot of Carlton or enjoy a strong coffee at the bar should get you started) you start to think that if a better monument has ever been built to one man’s passions and executed more successfully, you are yet to see it. Once inside the door (‘No Hippies’ reads the sign affixed to it) you become a tourist within a personally curated, permanent exhibition reflective of a singular personality. It’s a clubhouse of enthusiasms that cover the Geelong Football Club, Cassius Clay, Don Dunstan, Gary Ablett, The Shangri-La’s and a hundred other things besides.…

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