I am delighted to announce that our management arm has struck a lucrative deal with radio station Double J for our talking services. The station beat out other bids from rivals the FoxFM network, Radio One (UK) and WKRP in Cincinnati.  I will be talking sport every Thursday morning at 11.30am with the wonderful Myf Warhurst. I will do this in my guise as an actual human man called Andy rather than as a blog called Presentation Night for obvious logistical reasons. Our management arm hasn’t actually said as much, but I rather suspect this opportunity has come about as a result of the phenomenal global success of the Presentation Night franchise.  It may also be because I’ve known Dan from Double J for a very long time and she knew I would do it for free if asked.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to shooting the breeze with Myf once a week about sporting matters. She’s a fantastic broadcaster, a media superstar with a great track record, and a lovely person to boot. On my side of the ledger, I’ve done very little radio, never played sport at the elite level and spent my entire adult life in hospitality, retail and then the music business. Please join us if you can, it’ll be a lot of fun. (I haven’t actually checked, but am pretty sure we can also take love song requests.)

You can listen via digital radio, through your telly or online HERE


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