You don’t want to get too fast and loose with the term “legend”. The true meaning of the word has become somewhat diluted in recent times. You’ll often find a ‘Legends Bar’ in an airport concourse, but generally speaking there are never too many characters worthy of the title hanging about inside.

Paul Kelly, however, is a legend. We’re absolutely over the moon to have Paul joining Bob ‘The Boss‘ Murphy and Francis ‘This Charming Man‘ Leach for Presentation Night ( Live! On stage! ) at The Corner Hotel on Wednesday July 10th for a conversation about music and footy.…

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In a recent unpublished survey of the entire AFL and rock and roll communities, 100% of respondents stated their belief that Bob Murphy is The Boss. We concur. We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Bob to the stage for our very first live show come July the 10th.

R. Murphy is a living, breathing Bulldogs legend. He’s a dashing running man with an uncanny ability to find the goals; a lover of Springsteen, Justin Townes Earle and You Am I; an erudite newspaper columnist and highly entertaining TV panelist. He’s one of those rare few players admired by all lovers of football regardless of their team affiliation.…

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St Francis

Cue those unforgettable opening notes ringing out from Johnny Marr’s Rickenbacker. Focus a follow spot on a velvet curtain patterned red, black and white. Give the signal…now pull back the theatrical drapery to reveal that your charming host for Presentation Night at The Corner Hotel on Wednesday July 10th is none other than the music loving, sports-mad, life long Saints supporter and top shelf broadcaster Mr. Francis Leach.

Who better to guide us through a live conversation with music and footy as the lynchpins? Francis has fashioned a successful career out of a deep love and impeccable knowledge of both.…

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This is so far up our alley it is like a gift wrapped in golden paper, secured with a bow woven from strawberries and cream dipped in a very classy liqueur. Cast your eyes over the footage here and we think you’ll agree that it falls squarely within the footy and music nexus we all love so much, and then some.

“Ugly” Dave Gray was a ubiquitous presence on Australian television screens throughout the seventies and ‘eighties, a light entertainer par excellence. He was a regular panelist on the popular (and double entendre-laden) ‘Blankety Blanks’ hosted by The King of television himself Graham Kennedy.…

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Jack Thompson

Just as Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap both started their lives as websites before going on to become stage shows, Presentation Night is going LIVE. On July 10th, we are adding to our triple A-rated emotional investment portfolio by taking the leap from (computer) screen to treading the boards. It’s going to be bloody good.

The concept of Presentation Night live on stage is simple. An A-grade footballing identity who loves music is joined on stage by a top class musician who loves football. In front of an audience and under the warm glow of the spotlight, they’ll come together to discuss their mutual love of music and footy in ways that are philosophical, funny and surprising.…

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George Best

Tim Vigon hails from Manchester and lives in LA. He knows very little about Aussie Rules, but that’s just a quirk of geography. What’s important is his love of music, sport and the fact that he is one of nature’s gentlemen. Having started a Stone Roses fanzine at a tender age, he went on to manage The Streets, The Music, The Zutons and several other great British acts. Here he talks about his own life experience at the mercy of those twin sirens, music and sport.

I love Facebook and Twitter. Bear with me here, I’m going somewhere. I like the way I can feel in touch with friends from a certain distance without exerting very much effort.…

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Emperor Dallas

New York, 5.30am. An iPhone alarm tinkles its way through the fug of a heavily jetlagged, confusing sleep. It’s still dark outside, and it’s Saturday. Strange outlines in an unfamiliar room make it difficult to work out where I am or why I’m here. I reach over in an attempt to quell the noise that the Apple Corporation optimistically call “Calypso”, but right now feels like “Apocalypso”. The touch screen fails to respond to my initial clumsy attempts to stop the noise. Eventually the appropriate digit finds the approximate widget, and the room is blissfully silent once again – with the exception of the air conditioning unit working under duress right outside the window and the sound of sirens and taxi horns floating up from the street, twenty flights below in mid-town.…

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Hello. My name is Andy, and I am ‘in’ the music industry. When people say that, it generally means that they were not good enough to actually play music very well, so settled for telling other people how they think they should do it. Morrisey once said words to the effect that ‘The music industry is a horrible place, full of bitter ex-bass players’ and I have to confess that the Mancuinan master has pithily summarised the general lay of the land there.  His cutting overview of the career path taken by many of us on the shadowy fringes of the entertainment world is spot on.…

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