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The Clash – London Calling (1979)

London Calling

What’s it like to touch perfection?

To know that everything is in its right place, that no moment can match this one? To feel that all roads travel here to this place and time.

That for this moment, however fleeting, this is the only thing that matters .

Few rock bands have been there.

The Clash have.

“London Calling” was that moment.

4 sides of brilliant gonzo rock gumbo that broke out of punk’s straight jacket to become the greatest double album of all time.

In 1980 The Clash were more than a band, they were a creed, and it felt like they were writing the future between the grooves of every record.…

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Bloc Party – Silent Alarm (2005)


When this album dropped, it came with a huge buzz, a bit like a No.1 draft pick.

The Bloc Party boys backed it up with some absolute bangers on this album. Receiving a Round 1 Rising Star nomination for ‘Like Eating Glass’, the first track on the album.

They then went on to receive Best On Ground in Round 2 (‘Helicopter’) and Round 4 (‘Banquet’), blowing everyone away with these explosive performances.

Being the stars they are, the Bloc Party boys showed us their versatility with tracks ‘This Modern Love’ & ‘The Pioneers’.…

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Mosman Alder – Humdrum Star (2014)

Mosman Alder

Dear reader, allow me to begin by pointing out, if it hasn’t been sufficiently evident already, that this whole Vinyl Series™ business is not at all about album reviews in the usual sense (a fact worthy of some celebration).*

Rather, this is all about an opportunity to share with you some of my own favourite recent releases. Objectivity has no place here. Total Bias™ is the name of the game. So the fact that I served as producer on this very record should matter about as much as the possibility that I may be wearing Mosman Alder face paint as I type these very words (PHOTO UNAVAILABLE).…

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Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker (2000) 


I remember being at an under age disco around ’97 in my hometown of Warragul and the ‘Rage Against The Machine’ song ‘Killing in the Name Of’ came on. Every kid in the scout hall shouted the words back at the speakers as one with their fists in the air. They really meant it. It was the time of grunge and teen angst. Only problem was, I didn’t have any. I liked my parents, I was happy enough at school and if I had’ve been in charge of the set list at the “Underage Rage” I probably would’ve played the hits of Van Morrison, the Beach Boys and Joe Cocker.…

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The Peep Tempel – Tales (2014)


The Peep Tempel are a three piece band from Melbourne and their second album ‘Tales’ is due out in a few weeks. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy early because a buddy of mine recorded it for them and I’ve been thrashing it in the car for the last few weeks despite the fact that it makes me feel yuck.

I’ll attempt to explain that last bit…

Reminiscent of an early Martin Amis novel (think ‘Money’ or ‘London Fields’) or one of the (two?) good Guy Ritchie films (think ‘Lock, Stock…’ or ‘Snatch’), this album is jam-packed with vile and repugnant characters who are either up to no good or are about to come to no good… and it’s impossible to look away.…

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Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (1988)


It made no sense at all.

An avalanche of jack hammer beats. An exploding cluster of chaos samples. A river of righteous rhymes that hit like a right hook from Tyson.

Few records tip the world of its axis. Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” kicked it to the kerb and told it to find it’s own way home.

Back in 1988 Hip-Hop was still a novelty sideshow. Music’s idea of slum chic. A little exotic, a pinch of danger and a splash of street fashion.…

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I shudder to think how many copyright laws are being broken in using the accompanying visual image for Daniel Merrett’s next entry in this series. Probably just one really big one actually. Still, given that The Simpsons is still a smallish cult show, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers merely a mid-level bar-slash-stadium band, we might just get away with it.

We move now into the do or die section of The Vinyl Series, and meet our guest scribe’s second week choices: their very own semi-vinyl contenders.

Dan kicked our Vinyl Series off beautifully last week choosing Jimmy Eat World’s self titled fourth album as his Qualifying Vinyl choice.

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OasisBobWe are quite delighted to throw the spotlight on to our fourth Vinylist for The Vinyl Series, Mr Bob Murphy. When we were thinking of people we’d love to contribute to this series, there were a few strict criteria we had in mind:

1)   MUST have played over 250 games for the Western Bulldogs and be a champion of the club.

2)   MUST have a regular weekly column in The Age.

3)   MUST appear on a specialist football show at least once per week, preferably on a Tuesday night.

4)   MUST have a strong love of music and own record player.

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In another life, today’s Vinylist Paul Dempsey could be playing in the ruck and resting up forward for his beloved Saint Kilda FC. He’s got the height, the love of the game, and let’s face it, his vertical leap is probably elite. Had he pursued that option however, we would be aurally poorer for the fact that his 20 year musical would have almost certainly have been derailed by the training, recovery sessions, media commitments, and of course, actual games. As it happens, Paul’s contribution to the Australian musical landscape as part of Something For Kate and as a solo artist have been magical, and become a huge part of many, many people’s lives – as SFK’s recent sold out 20 Year Anniversary tour and album reissues showed.

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Our Vinylist today is a man who needs very little introduction – he’s Presentation Night royalty after all. That said, we’re going to give him one anyway because by jove he deserves it. We’re very happy to welcome the one and only Mr. Francis Leach to The Vinyl Series. If you’ve seen Francis hosting one of our live shows, read one of his articles, checked out his excellent blog, or caught him on the telly on Offsiders, you’ll know he’s a rare bird. A Saint for life, Francis is a true renaissance man with a deep love of music, sport, of human behavior, books, ideas…he’s our kind of guy.

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