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PRESENTATION NIGHT is a blog that takes two of Australia’s favourite national pastimes – Australian Rules football and rock and roll – and uses them as starting points to write about wider obsessions: love, life, death, politics, how to win the flag and great albums. The high falutin’ dream is that in doing so we’ll hopefully learn a thing or two about ourselves, our heroes and how kicking a ball and great songs define us.

A less fancy way of putting it is to say that we love music and footy in equal measure and like writing about both because it’s fun.

We ask our musical and footballing friends to contribute from time to time, which they do to great effect.


PRESENTATION NIGHT is also a live stage show. Not in a Lion King arena spectacular type of way (although that would obviously be incredible), but in more of a Michael Parkinson in the pub type of way. It works like this: we set up some bar stools, a table, and a turntable on stage. Legendary music and sports broadcaster Francis Leach walks on and proceeds to host a conversation between an elite footballer who loves music, and a storied musician who loves football, live on stage over the next couple of hours.

Each show is a once-in-a lifetime pairing between two greats in their respective fields. Thus far we’ve featured Paul Kelly with Bob Murphy; Tim Rogers with Matthew Richardson; Paul Dempsey with Cameron Ling; and Urthboy with Jude Bolton. Each show and each guest have been amazing, and their conversations have been all killer, no filler. We like it.

Together our guests tackle the big issues: what are the similarities between the professional musician and the professional footballer? How do friendships form in footy and in music? We take a look inside their kitbags, unearth some suprising trophies, talk about who scares them on the field or on stage. We ask about our footballers’ favourite albums our musicians’ favourite footballers – and much, much more.


My name is Andy (I’m the shiny-headed, not-famous guy on the left here). I started this blog and a live show of the same name because I love music and I love football in equal measure and thought ‘I can’t be the Lone Ranger here, surely?’ At the time I was wearing a cowboy hat and a black eye mask so in some ways, perhaps I was, but I thought ‘let’s just give it a go’ anyway.

I am ‘in’ the music industry, which of course means that I am a failed bass player who moved into management and running a record label due to my own lack of musical talent. With two other friends, Andy C and Pete, I’ve managed a lot of bands down through the years including The Vines, Jet, Something for Kate, Paul Dempsey, Youth Group, The Mess Hall, Lanie Lane, Palms and some other ones who didn’t do as well, so I’ve just swept them under the carpet. I also have a record label, Ivy League Records with the same two friends.

I’m lucky enough to do a weekly guest spot with the fantastic Myf Warhurst on Double J radio every Thursday at 11.30am. We talk about sport together with a strong focus on finding a valid excuse to play Angry Anderson’s 1991 Grand Final version of Bound For Glory’ as often as possible.

A more extensive piece about how and why Presentation Night came about can be found here.

FrancisLPFrancis Leach is the man who helms the live show and what outstanding helming it is. He’s a broadcaster with extensive experience in (and love for) music and sport. Beginning his radio career hosting Triple J’s metal show ‘Three Hours of Power’ before moving into prime time, he has since become the host of Grandstand Breakfast on ABC radio and is a regular guest on ABC TV’s ‘Offsiders’ program. He’s also blogger, an editor, a highly entertaining Twitterist (almost certainly not a word) and a genuinely good guy. It’s fair to say that not only is Francis the perfect man for the job when the stage lights come on, he’s the only man for the job.

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